Give your life a different aroma and
fill it with extraordinary days, every day, grain by grain.

Intense Aroma

Made in Puerto Rico

Freshly Roasted

Roasting premium coffee
from the finest grounds.

Every roasted bean of Entre Soles coffee has been given the time it needs for that perfect flavor. The beans have been allowed to grow and ripe before the farmer takes the time to harvest them by hand. Next, they are dried under the sun. After the pulp has been removed, the raw coffee beans are roasted just long enough to let complex flavors develop, but never so long that the natural aromas are lost. The art of roasting coffee this way has been passed down to the generations in Puerto Rico. It has been preserve over centuries where families have perfected their unique roasts for perfectly aromatic coffee. When you take the time to brew and enjoy your morning coffee, you will taste the difference.

Why Entre Soles?

We take our time to craft a seriously good cup of coffee.

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