Entre Soles Coffee Bag

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  • YOUR MORNING RIGHT: Don't start your morning tired, start your morning with a warm wonderful tasting cup of Entre Soles coffee. With just the right amount of natural caffeine to start your day awake and alert.
  • PREMIUM MEDIUM BREW: Hands down one of the best high-quality coffee's you'll taste. Dark medium roast made straight from Puerto Rico.
  • FRESH BOLD TASTE: Hand harvest from the farmer, drying in natural sunlight then roasted. We put quality time into our roast to give you that perfect flavor.
  • BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER: To us, coffee is about the time we spend with others while drinking it. Spending quality time with those around with a cup of coffee is how important moments are made.
  • PASSED DOWN FROM GENERATIONS: Our unique roast process has been passed down from generations to perfect the aromatic coffee.
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